Tutoriales de ArchiCAD

Tutoriales de ArchiCAD Dudas con ArchiCAD?,aqui hay 3 buenos sitios.Dos de ellos son comunidades,todoarquitectura y macuarium.El tercero posee unos tutoriales graficos de primera calidad

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Jordan Flight 45 -

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Jordan 4 -

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johnny -

yo tuve mejor profesor... xD
(me alegra leerte, por fin regreso de vacaciones!)

darren -

i was last year for a few months. thats where i learnt archicad.

kiroti -

i forgot to ask,are you working in Anteeksi?

kiroti -

I asked if you have questions about archicad. Here you can find two communities "todoarquitectura" "macuarium" and the third(tercero)good tutorials.That´s is true,ArchiCAD is a fantastic software!!,thanks for your comment Darren =)

darren -

not sure what you are asking - but i use archicad here in work and in college. ive been using it now for about 1,5years and i think its great!.